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bob for cook county

Today, we battle through some of the roughest days in our county. We have a struggling healthcare system, out-of-control county government spending, and a jail without proper rehabilitation services. Underfunded pensions have left us in a nearly irreversible financial crisis and our county board president believes increasing taxes is the answer to these problems. Meanwhile real people are suffering – from the hard-working homeowner beset by booming property taxes to the single mother who wants to earn a living wage. We cannot allow this to continue.


Our current leadership has failed us. Instead of looking out for all, we have been let down. Today that changes.  Today we will fight this together and do away with the unfair treatment that has plagued our system for way too long. We need to be true to the mission of what Cook County should be – providing excellent healthcare and safe communities to all our residents. It’s time to rise up and take back the Cook County government.


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